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Děkujeme všem, kteří se podíleli na OBS 2021. Bylo to velké, objevné, místy až dechberoucí!

O to více se těšíme na přípravu OBS 2022. Věříme, že se opět společně sejdeme při krásné hudbě. Vaši pořadatelé


What you can look forward to this year!

Historicky první galakoncert

Opening gala concert:
Il Boemo in the light of his contemporaries

Crown Fortress, Olomouc

9.7.2021 20:30

Volantes Orchestra Mysliveček klasicismus symfonický koncert

Travels in Kroměříž

A gala concert of symphonies and arias conducted by Jakub Kydlíček, who will guide the audience through the works of the composers who will receive special attention during the ninth annual Olomouc Baroque Festival.

Světová premiéra komické opery

Antonín Rejcha:

Theresian Armoury, Olomouc

15.7.2021 20:30

16.7.2021 20:30

17.7.2021 20:30

Volantes Orchestra Rejcha klasicismus divadlo opera

Travels in Spain

“... love without money, is love hopeless?” The last adventure of the esteemed Guzmán de Alfarache. How he returned to Toledo, where he disguised himself as a great charmer to outwit his uncle and win back his fortune, his honour, and his wife's heart.

Josef Antonín Plánický:
Opella Ecclesiastica - CANCELED

Atrium Uměleckého centra Univerzity Palackého, Olomouc

22.7.2021 20:30

23.7.2021 20:30

24.7.2021 20:30

University of North Texas Plánický baroko inscenované představení

Z cest po Augsburgu

Unfortunately, the organizer was forced to cancel the project due to unclear conditions regarding travel between countries.

Komorní koncert

Early Baroque Experimentation

Corpus Christi Chapel, Olomouc

27.7.2021 19:30

Musica Florea Monteverdi baroko komorní koncert

Travels in Venice and beyond

Musica Florea and the Art of Improvisation in the Early Baroque Period.

Komorní koncert

Antonio Vivaldi:
The Four Seasons

House by the Park, Olomouc

29.7.2021 19:30

Volantes Orchestra Vivaldi baroko komorní koncert

Travels in Italy

The most famous Baroque evergreen in an exclusive performance by the violinist Josef Žák with Jan Přeučil’s rendition of the original sonnets that inspired Vivaldi.

Duchovní symfonický koncert

La Passione

Hradisko Monastery, Olomouc

31.7.2021 19:30

Arte dei Suonatori Mysliveček klasicismus symfonický koncert

Travels in Poland

Arte dei Suonatori will perform in the Czech Republic for the first time. This orchestra is one of the most important Polish ensembles focusing on historically informed interpretation of music. The concert is intended as a small “musical fresco” with music by 18th-century composers to the libretto for La Passione di Gesù Cristo by the Viennese imperial court librettist Pietro Metastasio.

Cembalový recitál (talentum)

With a harpsichord to the end of the world

Fresco Hall, Olomouc

5.8.2021 19:30

Havrlant Bach baroko sólový koncert

Travels across the old continent

Jiří Havrlant will perform a selection of pieces by various composers on the harpsichord, introducing the audience to a mosaic of styles from every corner of Europe.

Naše vlast je v nebesích - CANCELED

kostel sv. Michala, Olomouc

10.8.2021 19:30

Dresdner Kammerchor Volantes Orchestra baroko vokálně-instrumentální koncert

Z cest z Durynska do Lipska

Unfortunately, the organizer was forced to cancel the project due to unclear conditions regarding travel between countries.

Premiéra inscenovaného oratoria

Karl Ditters:

Cloister and Basilica of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, Svatý Kopeček

12.8.2021 20:30

13.8.2021 20:30

14.8.2021 20:30

V4 Ditters klasicismus scénické oratorium

Travels in Israel

King David’s story of courage, humility, wisdom and faith. As a shepherd, he learned courage, which he later demonstrated in his battle with Goliath. He became the king of Israel and the predecessor of Christ.

Duchovní vokálně-symfonický koncert (talentum)

Final concert by the students of the Baroque Music Summer School

Church of Our Lady of the Snows, Olomouc

15.8.2021 15:00

LŠBH Telemann baroko vokálně–instrumentální koncert

Travels in Hamburg

The programme will feature the oratorio Der Tag des Gerichts by Georg Philipp Telemann. The oratorio is split into four contemplations, or acts. In this work we find the synthesis of national styles – Italian, French and German.


Anton Zimmermann:
Andromeda a Perseus

Courtyard of the UP Faculty of Arts, Olomouc

19.8.2021 20:30

20.8.2021 20:30

21.8.2021 20:30

Volantes Orchestra Zimmermann klasicismus scénický melodram

Travels in Ethiopia

A melodrama based on the Greek myth of Andromeda, freed by Perseus and sacrificed to a sea monster to save the kingdom. The internationally renowned artist Kseniya Simonova will paint the story in sand.

Komorní koncert

Rare encounters

Mozarteum, Olomouc

26.8.2021 19:30

Volantes Orchestra Mozart klasicismus komorní koncert

Travels in Austria

A musical performance about how Jan Václav Stich, as a virtuoso, innovator and composer for the horn, also profoundly influenced the work of many of his contemporaries.

Symfonický koncert

Tribute to Joseph Puschmann

Hradisko Monastery, Olomouc

28.8.2021 19:30

Musica figuralis Puschmann klasicismus symfonický koncert

Travels in Olomouc

The concert will present the modern premieres of prestigious works by one of the most important Moravian composers of the second half of the 18th century. The programme will be presented at the venues where the compositions were performed during the composer’s tenure as chaplain of Olomouc Cathedral from 1777 to 1794.

Komorní koncert

Concert for 50 fingers

Andrýsek Hall at the Premonstratensian Residence, Svatý Kopeček

2.9.2021 19:30

Rejchovo kvarteto Mysliveček klasicismus komorní koncert

Travels from Vienna to Paris

The Rejcha Quartet is the leading Czech ensemble devoted to historically informed interpretation of the music of the 18th and early 19th centuries. For OBF, it will prepare a programme that pays tribute to the composers whose anniversaries we will celebrate next year: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Josef Mysliveček, whose Sixth String Quartet will be performed at the concert in its modern premiere. A further interesting feature of the evening will be a period quartet arrangement of Mozart’s piano concerto.

Duchovní koncert

Missa Carolina

Church of Our Lady Help of Christians

4.9.2021 19:30

Societas Incognitorum Rittler baroko vokálně–instrumentální koncert

Travels in the Olomouc Diocese

The modern premiere of a large-scale mass written by the Olomouc chaplain Philipp Jacob Rittler (1639 – 1690). The composition has been preserved in the archives of the Kroměříž chateau and is one of five great masses that have not been performed since Rittler’s time.

Duchovní vokálně-symfonický koncert

Concert to the Glory of the Holy Trinity Column

Church of St. Maurice, Olomouc

9.9.2021 19:30

Volantes Orchestra Mozart klasicismus vokálně–instrumentální koncert

Travels in Dresden

Final concert of the Olomouc Baroque Festival

This year we will commemorate the lives of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Gottlieb Naumann in their celebratory works to honour the Holy Trinity. Contemporaries, both equally talented, one forgotten by time, the other still celebrated today. Both, however, with immortally beautiful music.

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